Do you ever just feel like giving up?

Traumatic events (death of a loved one, diagnosed with an incurable illness, sudden disability, public humiliation, arrest or incarceration, overdose, physical or mental trauma) will scar you for life. No matter what you do, the memory of them becomes entangled in your happiness. There’s simply no way out.

So… do we give up?

Short of hypnotizing yourself to forget, you have to live with these memories and uncomfortable feelings. But you also get to choose how they affect you: You can allow them to undermine your entire life trajectory, or you can modify your behavior to take back your power and achieve great success.

Fed up with all the pain, exhaustion, depression and discrimination associated with having both a disability and chronic illness, Thor Uram nearly took his own life. During his healing journey, Thor discovered a wellspring of inner strength, determination, and clarity he never knew existed.

“Every day is now an adventure!”

Thor now shares his philosophy for health, wealth, courage, zest, enthusiasm and adventure with anyone struggling to find reason and purpose in a difficult world. You can do this. And I’m going to show you how!

Thor Uram | Trauma Coach and Speaker

trauma coach Thor Uram

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