Image Description: a meme featuring a man in a wheelchair performing a military press in the gym. Text over the image reads – “Discipline means you know it’s going to suck but you do it anyway.”

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14 Ways You Can Support Students with Disabilities

Image Description: an anime style image of a young woman with dark hair and glasses sitting in a wheelchair. She is wearing a gray suit. Supporting students with disabilities requires a collaborative and empathetic approach involving teachers, family members, and other relevant professionals. Here are some strategies that teachers and family members can use to …

Enhancing the Guest Experience for All: Welcoming People with Disabilities

Image Description: an older woman sits in a wheelchair with her hands folded neatly in her lap. Hey there, friends and hospitality employees! I’m here to talk about something close to my heart – making sure that every single person, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy the magic of travel and exploration. Yes, we’re diving …

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COMMON GROUND: Navigating the Subtle Nuances of Disability in the Workplace and Education.

Image Description: A middle-aged man in glasses and a gray sweater sits smiling at a desk in what looks to be a startup loft. “In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, employment and education, there persists a profound need for individuals with disabilities to examine the intricate layers of what it truly means to contribute as …