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Chronically Ill GenX Non-Quitter


Motivational keynote speeches by Thor Uram are powerful and inspirational. Likewise, his virtual training sessions go deep and hit home time and time again. Thor draws from his personal experiences living with MS while building out a virtual speaking business to deliver a message that resonates with a wide range of audiences.

Looking to Hire A Disabled Motivational Speaker?

If your company is looking to hire a disability speaker with real world experience, Thor is here.

Thor Uram has a powerful yet soothing, Jersey/Zona way of speaking that both lifts you up and comes knocking on your forehead. He’s bold yet disarming, moving and funny, and phenomenally encouraging. Thor spreads his educational message of equity and empathy for all those living with chronic illness and/or disability through onstage and virtual educational talks that anyone can attend.

Thor’s talks are structured around his studies at Cornell University, in particular the “Disability in the Workplace” program. These virtual talks are perfect for any industry that blends non-disabled people with the disabled and chronically ill, teaching both camps how to work better and achieve more without fear, doubt or misconception. All of my virtual talks can be custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your particular industry. You’ll never meet another speaker who works quite so hard for you.

Are your gears spinning? Let’s open a dialogue to discuss booking Thor Uram for your next live or virtual event!

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